Is it pronounced "Mack" or "Mock"?

If we had a penny for every time someone asked us this question, well, we’d have a lot of pennies!  Mach Architecture is pronounced “Mack” Architecture.  The firm was named for the founder and past president, Robin Mach, R.A., who still occasionally consults with us on important projects.

The firm has evolved from its original founding in 1973 as Stieglitz Stieglitz Tries, pc.  Throughout the leadership changes and firm reorganizations, we have always relied on certain basic guiding principles that continue to be our foundation.  These principals, relative to Design, Service and Culture, represent the values that have guided our success through almost five decades of service.  These are:

 Lead with Integrity.

·        Provide the highest level of honesty, accountability and professionalism.

Drive Innovation.

·        Find the right mix of imagination, technology and function.

Commit to the Collaborative Process.

·        Design with, not for the Client.

Deliver Enduring Value.

·        Have an aesthetic that is timeless, but is always in the moment for the user.

In addition to remaining committed to these guiding principles, current partners Brian Kelley, R.A. and Doug Schaefer, AIA, LEED GA have worked to create a collaborative corporate culture in which teamwork, open communication, collaboration, respect and fun are valued components of every day.  Understanding that each team member brings to the table their own unique strengths, diversity is appreciated.  The team is productive and responsive to clients while maintaining a supportive upbeat atmosphere.  In short, Mach Architecture is someplace we all enjoy being!

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