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eSports for Everyone

SUNY Canton has taken a leading position in the development of collegiate eSports with the first varsity team in the SUNY system and emerging degree programs designed to prepare students to enter this fast growing industry.  To support the varsity program, the eSports Arena in Nevaldine Hall was brought online in 2018.  To accommodate non-varsity students interested in participating, the College wanted another eSports gaming space.  Thus, Mach Architecture is designing an eSports gaming space in the Miller Campus Center.

For the serious gamer, individual stations will provide the hardware required to support their abilities.  Focused on the individual, they will provide an experience closer to what is provided in the Varsity eSports Arena.  The new design also includes a group gaming for more social gamers looking to compete against each other or as a team.  The addition of board gaming space will ensure inclusion and connection among all gaming students.

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