What the Client Needed:

  • Enhance original design of Edward Durell Stone.
  • Redesign the fountain systems, hardscape and lighting to define a new focal point for active and passive interaction.
  • Collaborate with the Advisory Planning, Architecture and Aesthetics Committee for continuity and communication with stakeholders.
  • Increase the usability of the extensive surrounding space.
  • Improve use of natural resources with LED lighting, energy efficient windows and optimized water flow.
  • Maintain sufficient pressure for fire protection to the campus supplied by the 311,000 gallon water tower while in repair.

Project Specs:

  • Building Area : 45,600 SF Hardscape
  • Cost of Construction: $18,000,000
Abstract cube design

Our campus community returned to a beautiful new main fountain.

Robert J. Jones, Ph.D.Former President, University at Albany

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