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MACH Principal Brian Kelley, RA Graduates from the UB CEL CORE Program

Every week for 10 months, Brian Kelley attended the CORE program at the UB Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership.  The program enables business owners to connect with peers and mentors in order to explore business growth and management methods, learn new ways to overcome business challenges and to build connections within the business community.

Brian took this opportunity because he believes it is important to continue to grow professionally and personally in order to be the best business owner and manager possible.  Brian (and Mach’s) ability to grow and adapt to changing economic, regulatory, technology and market factors means that Mach will be better able to serve its clients and Brian will be better able to lead the firm.

When asked about valuable takeaways from the CORE program, Brian said, “It was a great experience that enabled me to take a step back and evaluate the way our business operates and serves our clients and shift perspective to see how and where we can do better.”

Brian graduated recently, along with 33 fellow established entrepreneurs from WNY, at a ceremony held at UB Center for the Arts.  Mach principal Doug Schaefer, AIA along with all of the staff at Mach are proud of Brian for taking on this intensive program and for all of the effort he put into it.