What the Client Needed:

  • Design quality housing for constricted footprint in this urban setting.
  • Create a residential aesthetic through scale and material selection.
  • Embrace natural site qualities for expansive views of waterfront.
  • Provide frequent, high-touch supervision of construction to ensure timely, cost-effective delivery of this complex project.

Project Specs:

  • Building Area: 66,400SF
  • Number of Beds: 300
  • Cost of Construction: $18,000,000
  • Cost/SF: $271
  • Cost/Bed: $60,000
  • Construction Completed: 2004
Abstract cube design

This is a project with a no-matter-what deadline, and we’ve worked aggressively, and with a lot of speed, to make that happen.

Craig BelesiSVP, Skanska USA Building Inc.

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