What the Client Needed:

  • Updated high-rise residence hall to support student learning and living goals.
  • The creation of ADA accessible living space where none existed.
  • An elevator to provide convenience for students and to create accessibility for all.
  • Updated lounges to support student use including addition of kitchenettes and gathering space.
  • Upgrade of all electrical system including power and data to support student use.
  • Reconfigured bathrooms to provide ADA accessibility along with increased privacy, security, and flexibility.

Project Specs:

  • Building Area: 61,000 SF
  • Number of Beds: 254
  • Cost of Construction: $7,297,000
  • Cost/SF: $119
  • Cost/Bed: $28,728
  • Construction Completed: 2014
Abstract cube design

Mach's quality of work is excellent and they are easy to work with.

Geoffrey MooreDASNY, Design Project Manager

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