What the Client Needed:

  • A financially sustainable approach to the renovation that could be applied to the low-rise residence halls on campus.
  • Amenities that support the way living spaces are utilized.
  • Code compliance issues identified and resolved.
  • Plan to address outdated, unmaintainable, and inefficient systems.
  • Plan that reinforced and supported renovations to high rise residence halls.
  • Renovations for low-rise to be integrated into the construction schedule for high-rise.

Project Specs:

  • Building Area: 44,740 SF
  • Number of Beds: 199
  • Cost of Construction: $4,960,000
  • Cost/SF: $111
  • Cost/Bed: $24,924
  • Construction Completed: 2014
Abstract cube design

It’s always a pleasure to work with Mach.

Jules LaPointResidence Hall Project Manager, SUNY Plattsburgh

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