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SUNY IT Oriskany Hall Awarded LEED Silver

Mach Architecture is pleased to announce that Oriskany Hall at SUNY Institute of Technology is certified by the US Green Building Council as LEED Silver. Oriskany Hall is a 240-bed residence hall that is the result of the thoughtful collaboration among the architect, the College and the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York.

From the outset of the project, site maximization was a critical component of design to meld this three-story building with the natural landscape and existing fabric of the campus. In order to achieve LEED status, a number of design elements are incorporated to increase the sustainable impact of the building. The design utilizes existing parking, thereby decreasing the need for new parking spaces. The white roof further decreases the heat island effect. Oriskany Hall is 38% more energy efficient that ASHRAE 90.1. Water conservation is realized through the use of low flow fixtures, while no potable water is used for irrigation. Additionally there are low VOC products used throughout the building. Amenities include energy efficient kitchen facilities and laundry rooms with interactive technology to communicate availability and status of machines.

Students have an active role in the efficiency of the building. In the lobby, which features hospitality-inspired interiors, there is an energy monitor (show on the left) displaying consumption by suite. The intent is to foster friendly competition with promoting responsibility within the community.

Additionally the College securing $139,986 in NYSERDA incentives under the Energy $mart program. Oriskany Hall is the first LEED-certified building on the SUNY IT campus.