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CASE STUDY: Inspired by History

East Aurora Union Free School District

Parkdale Elementary School Addition & Renovation


Completion Date:  2009

Construction Cost:  $15,100,000

Project Size:  60,900 SF addition

48,000 SF renovation


Built in the 1950’s, Parkdale Elementary in the East Aurora UFSD could no longer support teaching and learning styles of the K-2 elementary grades occupying the building.  Additionally, with the District adjusting grade configurations, the building needed to accommodate the inclusion of the 3rd and 4th grades.

While the addition provided the space required for the additional students, it also opened up an opportunity for a new entrance and allowed for reconfiguration of the site circulation.  The entrance, designed in the vocabulary of the tradition of the Roycroft and the Arts and Crafts movement, provides a historic link from Parkdale to the identity of the community.  This welcoming entrance leads to the addition which houses classrooms for the 1st through 4th grades along with the administrative offices and media center.

Parkdale Elementary Entrance















East Aurora Parkdale Elementary School















East Aurora Parkdale Elementary School















East Aurora Parkdale Elementary School