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Residence Hall at SUNY Plattsburgh Provides Student Support

After the successful renovation of a similar residence hall, SUNY Plattsburgh engaged Mach to address Macomb Hall.  Focusing on amenities for the students, Macomb Hall is now able to accommodate current and future student needs with a very inclusive approach.  Beginning with ADA accessibility, a new elevator addition was constructed providing access to all floors.  Bathroom renovations focus on privacy, security and flexibility.  Converting bathrooms into individual rooms allows for ADA accessibility, privacy and gender neutrality.  Inclusion is also present with the development of floor lounges and laundry rooms at the core of every floor.  Kitchenettes in the lounges reinforces a central point of interaction.  Reconfigured RD / RA offices provide greater visibility and accessibility promoting a level of familiarity with the staff.  Energy efficient mechanical equipment is complemented with the upgrades to the building envelope.  The students directly interface with an upgraded power distribution system and data network as well as with individual room controls on the heating system.

In addition to developing residence halls to support students, SUNY Plattsburgh has determined it would make sense to locate the Student Support Services and Educational Opportunities Program offices at the ground floor.  Separated from the residence hall above, these professional offices provide support to the entire student body.  The inclusion of staff offices, tutor room, counseling offices, work room and computer labs allow for  a wide variety of programs.  Upscale, vibrant interior finishes create an enthusiasm amongst the users.

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